The hair is composed  of three segments : medulla, cortex and cuticle. The STRUTTURA products act on all three layers of the hair, to rebuild and repair the entire structure.

The hair: anatomy, structure and composition.

The complex and wonderful hair “machine”, while not completing specific physiological function, has always had a huge psychological importance. Anthropological studies show that in primitive population, but also in some tribes of modern times, the hair assumes a lot of different symbolic meanings. In the psychoanalytical and psychological field, they reflect the personality of the single person, their social membership and much, much more.
Anatomically the hair is divided into an outer part, the ‘shank’, and the ‘root’, an inner part that’s located in the dermis, which in turn ends in a skin structure called ‘bulb’. In the same zone, we can also find the sebaceous gland and the muscle pilo–erector. Together, this two pars form a system that produces an hydro- protective mirror for the scalp., and this natural defense also maintains an optimum pH and a good hydration and elasticity of the skin.
The structure of stem, in its outer part, consists mostly of dead cells of keratin, a protein rich in cysteine. The root is located in the hair follicle, dep planted into the the dermis, and it’s here that the hair comes into contact with the sebaceous gland, the terminal part of the root and the bulb.
The physiology of the hair and its life cycle are equally complex . Each follicle has a life cycle different from adjacent ones, thus producing a mechanism, called “mosaic”, on the scalp, that allows to have a constant quantity of hair without passing through stages of complete hair loss.
This life cycle is divided into phases:

Anagen phase: growth (last from 2 to 5 years)

Catagen phase: involution or stasis (last 3 weeks)

Telogen phase: rest (last for 3 months) and ends with the fall of the fall of the hair.

Anagen phase Catagen phase Telogen phase Damaged hair
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Here’s why our company has designed the STRUTTURA line: its basic compound formula provides a specific combination of amino acids, proteins and hydrolyzed vitamin E, that is able to penetrate into hair fiber to rebuild and repair the scaffolding protein, all with the help of natural extracts.

Mineralizing oil, linseed, mineral salts, silicones, vitamin F and vitamin E in the hair care

The hair is the most important subject of our research: the more light and natural it looks, the more fashion and sensual it will appear. The experience of the hair stylist, and the manufacturing of ad-hoc cosmetics, are the winning recipe to make it soft, shiny and protected.
Healthy hair are shiny when the cuticle is intact and if the cells of the cuticle is raised. For example, after most cosmetic treatments , the cuticle does not reflect more light, and it’s there that we must intervene with extra care, using ingredients that carry the most powerful nutritional properties.
The hair is formed by 70-90% of proteins, 10-30% water and 10% lipids, with traces of other basic elements, such as mineral salts and pigments.

Mineral salts act against fatigue and they improve the appearance of weakened hair, and that’s why the use of our mineralizing oil leaves hair fluid, shiny, nourished and strong. The inclusion of vitamin F and vitamin E in our formulations helps your hair to become less dull and brittle, adjusting the production of the dandruff and stimulating the regrowth of basic tissue at the same time.

The linseeds have different therapeutic properties; they may come as an aid to counter the formation of split ends, for restoring the base and give nourishment to dry hair. Its properties are so powerful due to its unique fatty acid composition, and this chemical chains are called “essential”, because despite their vital needs, our body is unable to produce them.

As for the other important ingredient of our most famous STRUTTURA.IT products, the silicones act against the formation of frizzy hair, protecting them from heat sources (plate, blow dryer, curling iron levels etc.) while adding softness and shine. They also can be used to facilitate the combing, to protect the hair against UV rays and to keeps the moisture at an acceptable level.

capelli...The STRUTTURA.IT company is committed to resolve any kind of arising issues in the trichology market, combining the latest technologies with the most natural ingredients to give you a complete and definitive choice for every styling and hair care products.


The structure of the hair is constantly subject to damage, due to atmospheric agents (sun, wind etc.) and chemical treatments (color, permanent, etc.). This usually causes a loss of shine and elasticity, and can also bring more  problems to the hair. Thanks to the synergic action of plant compounds and the essential vitamins and minerals contained in our STRUTTURA products, all of this problematics can be treated immediately and with the most immediate results.


Thanks to the synergic action of phytocomplex, vitamins and minerals contained into the Struttura products, the cuticle will become more smooth and compact, leaving the hair easier to comb and dry. To maintain this effect, we reccomend to use the Struttura finishing line.