01-02 ORGANIC LOTION ANTI-AGE (12 vials 6 ml)

ORGANIC Struttura Lotion, rich in vitamins A, C and E, essence of blueberry, olive oil, and citrus fruit, mixed to create a concentrate that penetrates the hair and contrasts ageing, adding body, shine and softness.

How to use1) Shock treatment: Following shampoo with Organic Anti-Age Structure, apply the vial of O-1 and allow it to have effect for 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water.

How to use 2) Nourishing treatment: Mix the O-1 + O-2 vials in a bowl; after shampooing with the Organic Anti-Age Structure, towel off the excess water from the hair, use a brush to apply the product from the roots to the tips, massage and then dry.

SHAMPOO ANTI-AGE (250 ml /500 ml)

Organic Shampoo Anti-age,with its natural essences and vitamins, is ideal for restoring the balance of the hair’s structure. Used in synergy with the Organic Lotion vials or with the Organic Mask Cream, it leaves hair youthful, healthy and strong.

How to use: apply on wet hair, massage it well and then rinse. Repeat the operation if necessary.


Organic Mask is an innovative product designed to keep hair from ageing due to the stress of chemical and atmospheric treatment. The synergy of the vitamins found in the blueberry, the olive oil and the citrus fruit give the hair strength, vigor and shine.

How to use 1) apply the mask to the hair when unwashed, warm with a heart source for 3 minutes, wash with the Organic Structure shampoo.

How to use 2) apply after shampooing, leave to sit for 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly.

HAIR COLOR (100 ml)

Color yourself with love. Rich in natural oils and vitamins, the coloring cream protect the hair during the coloring, leaving it nourished and glowing. No ammonia, no odor, up to 100% coverage of white hair, long-lasting color, does not harm either the hair or scalp.

How to use: select the Organic emulsifying oxygen based on the results that you wish to obtain; 10 volumes to color hair that’s already been dyed; 20 volumes to color on the same tone, to cover white hair and lighten the hair by 1 tone; 30 volumes to lighten by 2/3 tones, 40 volumes to lighten by 3/4 tones.

Mix the chosen oxygen with the coloring dye (1:1 ratio) and mix until you get a firm cream, then proceed with the application while respecting the waiting times written on the box.

OXY CREAM (1000 ml)

Stabilized oxidant emulsion, nourishing cream treatment formulation, colouring development. Assure color stability. Contains Oxygen.

How to use: add the quantity required for the coloring or for the bleaching. Mix the preparation until it forms a soft and homogeneous cream.


TERMIC CREAM, with a special formula that protects the hair from any dryness during the usage of any straightening tool. It also grants a high level of nourishment and a 24 hour anti-frizzy effect. If used before the use of a straightening iron, it also helps with the usage, making the effects of the styling even more lasting.

How to use: apply to damp hair before the styling, to protect it from the high temperatures of phon and straighteners.


KERATINIC NO-RESIDUUM SHAMPOO, a product that grants a deep cleansing of the hair, purifying the scalp from any trace of sebum to leave behind a sensation of extreme cleaning.


KERATININC SMOOTHING SHAMPOO, the ideal product for frizzy hair that want to get a straight look. It deterges the hair delicately and helps with the styling, leaving them soft and shiny even from the first applications.

How to use: apply on wet hair, massage it well and then rinse. Repeat the operation if necessary.


KERATINIC CONDITIONER, a disciplining mask, nourishes and hydrates the hair while favoring the combing on the length. It also prevents the frizz, leaving the hair soft and shiny.

How to use: after the shampoo, apply the product on the hair and leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse.


KERATINIC REGENERATION, a product that gives back brightness and softness to the damaged and stressed hair. The keratin acts as a repairing, protective and conditioning agent, making the combing and the blow-drying more easy. The KERATINIC REGENERATION also leaves a pleasant fragrance to the hair with its sweet essence.

How to use: after the use of a specific shampoo for the straightening treatment, of after a regular shampoo, remove the exceeding water from the hair and apply a little quantity of product from length to ends. Comb and massage uniformly, then rinse.


ANTI-FRIZZY KERATINIC CREAM, a product that permeates the hair and nourishes them thanks to its smoothing agents. The frizzy hair becomes manageable, the structures becomes soft and the straightening more quick. It eliminates any porosity while protecting from the humidity.

How to use: after the shampoo, towel-dry the hair and apply the product, then proceed with the styling. Do not rinse.


KERATINIC BIPHASIC, a conditioner with an innovative formula based on two different phases. Phase white: a foam rich of emollient agents that envelopes the cuticle while smoothing even the more frizzy kind of hair. Phase blue: with the addition of the keratin, the most prominent element in the structure of the hair, this liquid acts on the hair fiber, while deeply nourishing it. The hair immediately gets more easy to comb, regaining their natural beauty.

How to use: before proceeding with the blow-dry, spray the product on the entire length of the hair, combing them. Do not rinse.


KERATINIC ACTION SHINE, a product that leaves even the most damaged and opaque hair with a shiny and healthy look after being vaporized on them. It leaves a pleasant and smooth sensation on the lengths.

How to use: apply on dry hair, vaporizing it at least 20 cm away.